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Visa for Digital Nomads? What is that? How to get?

The world has changed a lot in the last two years, we have had to readapt, new habits and new rules have led to the home office quickly ceasing to be a novelty, with so many confinements that we face with the pandemic and it has become a practice for many companies and new businesses that emerged.

This change pleased many, who saw the opportunity to work across borders, thus being able to be in another country working for their company. With these people in mind, the Visa for Digital Nomads was created (officially called a residence visa for carrying out a professional activity remotely outside the national territory - article 61.º B) was approved and is now part of the Law of Foreigners of 2022.

This visa is applicable to foreign professionals who provide their services remotely, whether employed or self-employed, who want to live in Portugal.

In order to obtain this residence permit, self-employed professionals will have to deliver the respective documents attesting to their tax residency, as well as proof of their average monthly income in the last 3 months and whether they were higher than 4 Portuguese minimum wages, i.e., they must have a minimum wage of €2,820 per month. If you are an employee, the conditions are the same, however, you can still present the employment contract or a statement from the employer to prove the employment relationship. The visa for digital nomads can start to be requested from the 30th of October, Sunday, at Portuguese consulates or at the Foreigners and Borders Service.


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