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  • Nationality process. 

  • Resident status no

  • Obtaining/Renewal of
    Residence title.

  • litigation of

  • Golden Visa (ARI). 

Law of Foreigners and Nationality 

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and Societies 

  • Construction of commercial companies. 

  • Change of corporate bodies. 

  • Goodwill, assignment of exploitation and commercial lease. 

  • Judicial investigation of society. 

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  • Process of Obtaining
    Golden Visa (ARI).

  • Follow-up and advice on activities of investment. 

  • Non-habitual resident (RNH).

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  • Authenticated private documents (DPA).

  • Recognitions: simple,
    with special mentions for similarity/face-to-face.

  • Qualification of Heirs. 

  • Photocopy certification.

  • Vehicle, commercial, property and civil registration. 

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Civil Right 

  • Civil responsability.

  • Divorce and separation without
    consent of the other

  • Personality protection.

  • Accountability. 

  • Execution process.

  • Road accidents.

  • review of sentences

  • Division of common thing.

  • Inventory Process. 

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Family and Minors Law 

  • Civil marriage. 

  • Divorce and separation of persons and property. 

  • Fixing alimony. 

  • Educational tutelary process. 

  • Parental Responsibilities of a Minor Child.

  • Legal regime of the accompanied adult. 

  • Process of protection and promotion of minors.

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Real Estate Law and Leasing

  • Purchase and sale agreement. 

  • Counter-promise of purchase and sale contract. 

  • lease.

  • Golden Visa (ARI).

  • Special eviction action.

  • Exchange.

  • New urban lease regime (NRAU).  

  • Litigation.

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Criminal Law and AdministrativeOffense

  • Criminal participation. 

  • Coercive measures. 

  • discussion hearing
    and judgment.

  • Judicial inquiry.

  • Instruction.

  • Assistant constitution. 

  • Civil damages claim.

  • Resources. 

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Contract Mediation 

  • General contractual clauses. 

  • The purchase and sale: vicissitudes.

  • Partnership agreement.

  • Electronic contracting. 

  • Lease-rent/lease agreement. 

  • Loan agreement. 

  • Donation Agreement.

  • Deposit agreement. 

  • Lease agreement.

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  • Road accident. 

  • Work accidents. 

  • car warranty fund  (FGA).

  • Pension funds. 

  • Claim processes:  reasonable proposal  of compensation
    to the victim.

  • Clause of insurance policies  individuals and groups,  in the life and non-life branches.

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Labor Law

  •  Drafting of Employment Contracts  (individual | collective), including foreign workers.

  • Claim for Labor Credits.

  • Disciplinary Processes.

  • Dismissal (individual | collective). 

  • Signing of Agreements for Termination of Employment Contracts.

  • Dismissal for Termination of Jobs.

  • All types of Jurisdictional Litigation and Labor Administrative Offenses.

  • Assistance in lay off processes.

  • Disciplinary procedures.

  • Monitoring of ACT inspection actions.

  • Work accidents.

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