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Legal Consultation Online

Legal Consultation Online


At RBG Lawyer, we provide our clients with an excellent Online Legal Consultation service with the same rigor and dedication that we offer in a face-to-face consultation.
The objective will always be to try to respond to the needs of those who come to us, even if they are far away, or even for any other reason that doesn't allow
the availability to go to the office. 



  • Enter the informations we request from you in the form on this page, including a brief summary of the issue you wish to resolve and the billing details.

  • After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email, and another containing the value of the consultation fees and the details for making payment. 

  • When sending proof of payment via email, we will schedule the time that is most convenient for you to carry out the video consultation.

  • However, we inform you that the consultation must be paid within 24 hours prior to its completion.

Note: There may be issues that, after Online Legal Consultation, require the client's presence, as in order to give  response, may depend on the in-person analysis of original documentation. 

Thank you for your contact.

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