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Automatic Residence Permit in Portugal for citizens of Ukraine


Automatic Residence Permit in Portugal for citizens of Ukraine.

Resolução do Conselho de Ministros Nº 29-A/2022, de 01 de Março.

Who is it for?

  • Nationals of Ukraine and their family members* from their country of origin.

*Family members may hold other nationalities, as long as they prove to be relatives, spouses, or partners of the Ukrainian citizen.

For how long?

  • Residence permit for a period of one year, which may be renewed.

How can I get NIF and NISS?

  • Automatic assignment of Portuguese NIF and NISS, by communication from SEF to AT and SS.

Criminal record?

  • Citizens are not required to be accompanied by one. the SEF will carry out queries in several databases.

Will beneficiaries be able to work in Portugal?

  • Yes. They will even be automatically enrolled in the lEFP.

How can they apply?

  • At the Foreigners and Borders Service, online or in person, from Portugal or abroad.


If you are a Ukrainian citizen, family member or friend, trying to help Ukraine citizens fleeing the war to come to Portugal, and still have doubts or questions about what steps to take, you can send an email, message, or call our office, that we will help in whatever we can, completely free of charges.


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